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Beauty and the Best: Buying Upholstery

When I visit our locations, there is almost always a customer wrestling with the question of how to buy upholstery.  This unsanctioned, almost unscripted, note is the advice I would offer my mother.  She likes the truth, and she likes … Continue reading

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What’s Love(seats) Got To Do With It?

To a furniture man, nothing says love quite like the loveseat — and they are once again fashionable.  Fashionable?  To be sure, I enlisted the help of our Design Department.  Those people haven’t visited my office since “green” was a color … Continue reading

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Why Baker? Or, Never Never Land Revisited

A few days ago, someone asked me — a 25-year Baker man and a shameless furniture enthusiast — to help them explain “Why Baker?” in a more commonsense way. Well, a great friend of mine once told an audience that … Continue reading

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Welcome to Language of Style

Welcome to Language of Style – an ongoing discussion about interior design and extraordinary craftsmanship from the people at Baker.   We invite you to join the conversation – whether you’re a design professional or just passionate about furniture and interior … Continue reading

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