Why Baker? Or, Never Never Land Revisited

A few days ago, someone asked me — a 25-year Baker man and a shameless furniture enthusiast — to help them explain “Why Baker?” in a more commonsense way.

Well, a great friend of mine once told an audience that “Baker makes furniture in more periods, styles, and international influences than any other maker … and as a practical matter, its work remains the very best.”  Well done.  But, that tells us “What it is” and almost everyone keeps prodding me for “What it means.”  That’s an easy question, but it requires a little trip to Never Never Land—a place where expectations are high and experiences higher.

Biomorphic Console - No. 1666
Never dull.  Forget about predictable.

L'Architecte Desk - No. 7387
Never too trendy.  Who says couture can’t be classic?

Wavy Leg Tiered Side Table - No. 24-557-1
Never dumbed down.  Even casual forms can be remarkable.

Library Chair - No. 5034
Never predictable.  Options from washed to wild.

Queen Anne Bureau - No. 5098
Never everywhere.  At neither your neighbor’s nor even a museum.

Wren Tufted Sofa - No. 6354-87Never uncomfortable.  Whether the life of the party or just a night at home.

L'Eau Commode - No. 9128
Never less than authentic.  With an emphasis on original work.

Embassy Lamp - No. BSA111Never less than it seems.  More often revealing subtle details over time.

Sunburst Mirror - No. 7013DNever in poor taste.  Many go-anywhere classics from the masters.

Museum Arm Chair - No. 789ANever obsolete.  (The Museum Arm Chair has been time-tested nearly a century and is a resident at the Smithsonian.)

Constellation Mirror - No. 7811Never without that last little sparkle.  For those who appreciate the finest.

Collectively, these are very much what Baker means.  Why Baker?  Well, why not?  Never been better.

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