What’s Love(seats) Got To Do With It?

Neue Loveseat - No. 6104-78To a furniture man, nothing says love quite like the loveseat — and they are once again fashionable.  Fashionable?  To be sure, I enlisted the help of our Design Department.  Those people haven’t visited my office since “green” was a color — but soon they were all there.  Then, that Tina Turner song came on the radio, and a spirited, gesticulating meeting broke out!   What’s loveseats got to do with it?  With Tina as my witness, apparently quite a bit.

There are probably a few different reasons why loveseats are au courant, but let there be no doubt that clever new applications are surfacing every month.  This note is about trends, tips, and a few of our favorites.

Loveseat No. 871-68With the rise of large master bedrooms and the ubiquitous king size, the loveseat has not only returned to the foot of the bed, but has also filled corners and cozied up to windows.  The bedroom suite is back, and the loveseat fits like a glove.  It also allows for that one last, overdue dash of color.  Baker’s Loveseat No. 871-68 (above) offers a touch of femininity to a bedroom suite.

Simply Baker English Arm Loveseat - No. 6924LAnother trend is the loveseat as a statement in the home office.  I think we’ve all seen the home office start to grow up and take itself seriously, as executives want something as comfortable and sophisticated as the rest of the house.  Goodbye wretched vinyl laminate people.  Hello loveseat people. Our choice for the home office would be the Simply Baker English Arm Loveseat — just the right blend of comfort and sophistication.

Castel Loveseat - No. 3781-47The other new development is the idea of loveseat as banquette — in both the kitchen and the dining room.  If the mood suits you, why not?  We’ve seen this work surprisingly well.  You just need a low, or ideally no, arm.  The Castel Loveseat from The Jacques Garcia Collection is a perfect choice for this purpose.

Villa Loveseat - No. 6327-66And, of course, there are situations where a loveseat can be the best choice for a living room.  The scale tends to concentrate a unique design to the point where choosing a loveseat for a small but glamorous in-town really makes a statement.  For those with a little more space, designers are capitalizing on a new generation of loveseats, in pairs, flanking a fireplace.  Just be sure they each offer two legitimate seats.

All of that really does make you think.  Of course, that has been known to get me in trouble from time to time.  So, my friends in the Design Department gave me a few tips.

  1. A loveseat is not automatically traditional.
  2. If your fabric has a pattern, it’s safer to scale it for a chair — not too big or too small.
  3. If you have a companion sofa, it’s safer not to use a matching fabric.
  4. Trim is great for either the skirt or the pillows but probably not both.
  5. Most cocktail tables will be too big — consider bunching tables, a stand, or a low side table to coordinate.

We are all searching for a little spark.  What’s loveseats got to do with it?  Well, if nothing else, there is no time like Valentine’s Day for getting close.

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