Barbara Barry: On Watercolors and Inspiration

Barbara Barry

When I design I think about the mood and the feeling a room can evoke through its forms, shapes and colors.  How we feel in the rooms we create is what interests me in design, and is key to my process.

The Barbara Barry Collection

For my new collection for Baker, I wanted to create the feeling of stepping into a beautiful painting, where the summation of the elements come together in a composition that feels balanced and inviting.

The Barbara Barry Collection - New IntroductionsThe new pieces are a collection of simple shapes, beautifully made, that work in harmony with each other to create an elegant backdrop for the lives that are lived in them. I love rooms that speak in quiet ways to their inhabitants, holding their attention as their eye moves melodiously from form to exquisite detail to sensuous form.

John Singer Sargent's The Grand Canal VeniceMy inspiration for the color palette came from John Singer Sargent’s watercolors of Venice.  The watery tints of pale gemstones shimmer and play off one another in a subtle way that feels soft and sensuous. Rose quartz, aquamarine, citrine and amethyst are punctuated by the glint of gold leaf.  A wash of smoky sapphire is paired with classic grey and warmed by burnished bronze.  These soft neutrals work well with brighter colors, yet softly stand on their own.

Barbara begins each design with a watercolor. Here, the Arc Bench comes to life.

For me, luxury is defined as comfortable elegance, where rooms support you in understated style.  In this way one is beyond fashion or trend, and into beauty, quality and craft – where purchases hold up to their investment.

The Barbara Barry CollectionI am thrilled to be working with Baker because of their commitment to the things I believe in. I find the process as fulfilling as the product and hopefully the end result is a testament to this.

Baker has recently introduced many new designs to The Barbara Barry Collection.  Visit our website to view the designs.

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5 Responses to Barbara Barry: On Watercolors and Inspiration

  1. Thanks so much for the very nice write up! the photos are amazing. Barbara Barry-I like you very much!!

  2. Always a huge Barbara fan. She is one of my perennial favorite sources of design inspiration. Can never get enough of her watercolor product paintings. I’d line my walls with them, given the chance! 1

  3. Thanks for your comments! Barbara Barry is very talented – a true artist at heart!

  4. I love that you used Sargent’s painting as your inspiration! definitely will be spreading the word to my watercolor students. All the best, Miriam Schulman

  5. Marena James says:

    You are so talented. Your designs are amazing!

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