Ten Pieces Our Designers Can’t Live Without

Here at Baker, our showroom designers become as familiar with each of our designs as they are with their own wardrobes.  They have a broad number of styles to mix and match to create a cohesive look: those special pieces that act as the jewelry of the room; the casual pieces that offer the comfort of a pair of blue jeans; the knockout designs that everyone will notice; and of course, those little-black-dress pieces, the go-to designs they turn to all the time that mix well with anything, no matter what the occasion (or room) calls for.

We polled our designers on what their go-to Baker designs are — the pieces they love to use in any space, again and again.  Here are ten designs (in no particular order) they can’t live without!

1) The Barbara Barry Collection Loose Back Sofa (no. 830-86)

The Barbara Barry Collection Loose Back Sofa - no. 830-86This bestselling sofa is a go-to because its simple design works in any room — yet with its countless options, it can conform to any style. Dress it up with a luxurious fabric and trim, make it modern with colorful fabric on its three throw pillows, add subtle interest with a contrasting welt — the possibilities are endless.  And, as part of our By the Inch program, its length can be customized to be the perfect fit for any space.

2) The Bill Sofield Collection Salon Chair (no. 6340)

The Bill Sofield Collection Salon Chair - no. 6340

Here’s another example of a chameleon design. While unmistakeably modern, the Salon Chair can work anywhere from a formal, feminine room to a casual, masculine setting.  Choose a white gold finish and contrasting fabrics for something more opulent, or make it subdued with a standard finish and neutral fabric.  The Salon Chair makes a statement on its own, but its modest footprint allows it to work in pairs in a sofa setting.

3) The Thomas Pheasant Collection Oval Coffee Table (no. 7854)

The Thomas Pheasant Collection Oval Coffee Table - no. 7854

At 48 inches long, the Oval Coffee Table is the perfect size to complement any sofa — from loveseats to longer, three-cushion sofas.  With its clean glass and brass design, this table can work in both traditional and contemporary settings.

4) The Laura Kirar Collection L’Eau Commode (no. 9128)

The Laura Kirar Collection L'Eau Commode - no. 9128
The L’Eau Commode appears at first to be a simple design — yet upon closer inspection, its carved, undulating form is quite an extraordinary statement. With numerous finish options, it can take on several distinct looks.

5) The Michael S Smith Collection Voltaire Server (no. 9832)

The Michael S Smith Collection Voltaire Server - no. 9832

Though one of our newest pieces, our designers are already relying on the Voltaire Server in many of their spaces. It obviously works well as a server — but with its thin footprint, it can also be placed in a narrow hallway as a console, or in a small room as a bookshelf.

6) The Collector’s Edition Swan Center Table (no. 8578)

The Collector's Edition Swan Center Table - no. 8578

The Swan Center Table may not be the most well-known Baker design, but it certainly is useful. Its size allows it to work as a center table or a side table to a sofa — and our urban-dwelling customers love to use it as a breakfast table in a nook.

7) The Laura Kirar Collection Gandt Table (no. 9156)

The Laura Kirar Collection Gandt Table - no. 9156

Designed as the perfect gin and tonic table (hence the name, g-and-t), the Gandt has the clean lines of a contemporary piece, yet is comprised of more traditional materials (brass and lacquer).  Those attributes, along with its diminutive size, allow the Gandt Table to work in any setting, and with any other Baker collection, from The Stately Homes Collection to The Bill Sofield Collection.

8) The Bill Sofield Collection Tusk Table (no. 4084 or 4084S)

The Bill Sofield Collection Tusk Table - no. 4084S

One of our most popular designs, as well as one of Bill Sofield’s personal favorites, the Tusk Table is a jewelry piece, a darling accent that goes with both traditional and modern settings — while still being quite functional.  Use it anywhere as a drink or book stand.  (And, in a pinch, it is even sturdy enough to hold up as a stepping stool!)

9) The Barbara Barry Collection Dressmaker’s Chandelier (no. BBS21)

The Barbara Barry Collection Dressmaker's Chandelier - no. BBS21

The Dressmaker’s Chandelier is the best of both worlds: a masculine brass structure with a feminine form and a soft linen shade. These qualities, in combination with its meaningful scale, allow for the chandelier to shine in any room.  But what we love most about the Dressmaker is that it has a diffuser on top — which means  it can be hung in a grand stairway, beautiful from both below and above.

10) The Thomas Pheasant Collection Alabaster Concentric Circles Lamp (no. PH206)

The Thomas Pheasant Collection Alabaster Concentric Circles Lamp - no. PH206

It’s easy to see why the Concentric Circles Lamp is an enduring customer favorite. The use of alabaster means each piece is unique — yet this timeless material and its classic form ensure it will integrate with any style.  (And for those who prefer right angles to arcs, our Alabaster Concentric Squares Lamp is another great choice.)

Of course, there was much debate over which Baker designs to highlight here — we could have easily chosen ten different pieces!

What is your go-to Baker design?  We’d love to hear!

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8 Responses to Ten Pieces Our Designers Can’t Live Without

  1. Amazing this is great, thanks for sharing..

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  3. Zander’s Interiors has six interior designers that ALL agree that the Baker 416 chair is our piece we can’t live without year in and year out. Getting six designers to agree to anything is a small miracle!

  4. I like that massive loose backed sofa!

  5. Thank you! Glad you like our picks!

  6. Laura King says:

    love it all!

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