Barbara Barry: My Favorite Things

Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry’s name is synonymous with luxury — not an overwhelming, ostentatious luxury, but the kind of luxury that represents a life well-lived. Like the luxury of drinking tea in her serene California home. The luxury of the finest materials, of clean lines in an uncluttered space, of reading a classic novel in a sun-washed room.  These are, afterall, the things that make life special — and how else would you define luxury?

We asked Barbara to share with us the things that make her happiest — those items that inspire her designs, her watercolors, her life.  Her answers are often simple things — but they each represent her unique brand of luxury.

i. Pearls

I feel naked without them.


ii. Ironed Pajamas

It makes a world of difference! The cool crispness makes me feel special.

iii. Fresh Linens

Nothing like getting into a freshly made bed. I feel renewed and taken care of…a sense of well-being comes over me.

Fresh Linens

iv. Good Soap

Everyday luxury is a French milled soap. It is milled to a smooth hardness that produces the finest bubble. No soppy, soggy bar here!

v. Tokyo

Quality and the small moment reign in this amazing city.

vi. Good British Film

For a great escape into another life, British films are my favorite mode of transportation.

Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility (1995)
Ang Lee’s Sense and Sensibility (1995), one of my favorite films

vii. Krug Champagne

The bubbles are bubblier, the flavor a perfect blend of yeast and sugar. The perfect beverage.

viii. Peonies

One of nature’s miracles.


ix. Long Quiet Walks in Nature

With a friend and always with my dog, Oliver.

x. Clear Blue Water and Wooden Boats

I’m thinking the Pacific Northwest.

Clear Blue Water and Wooden Boats
A photo from my travels in the Pacific Northwest

What are your favorite things?

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6 Responses to Barbara Barry: My Favorite Things

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Getting up early and going out into my beautiful garden on mid October morning sipping hot Kona coffee out of one of my Fima Deruta italian mugs. Being in Maui along the Keawakupu beach overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean and stopping for buttermilk pancakes at the Mana Kai hotel. Walking into my favorite Christmas shop in Vienna, Austria right before the holidays. Staying with my husband and my daughter in her Chelsea apartment in NYC and enjoying touring the city together. Flying to San Diego and visiting my younger daughter and going back to my old haunts like Rogers Gardens and Laguna Beach as I am from southern California but now live in Austin, Texas. And lastly, getting my home ready to receive guests for Thanksgiving and Christmas, setting out all my beautiful Herend china, William Yeoward crystal and German christmas pewter on my Baker Statley Homes table complete with Milling Road chairs upholstered in a persimmon velvet, and a David Itesta crystal chandelier sparkling as my husband prepares a scrumptious feast for the family to enjoy! How blessed am I!!!

  2. Laura King says:

    I love being a part of the beautiful furniture collection. Pearls and peonies also favorites!

  3. I love your style and always look for to seeing the new. Suzanne Grable/Suzanne Designs

  4. MHB says:

    Just love Barbara Barry – the epitome of classic yet modern class and style

  5. Jacqueline R. says:

    Barbara Barry is pure class….

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