Our 2012 Design Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Each year in January, we have the opportunity for a fresh start; and this, of course, engenders myriad hopeful resolutions — both personal and professional. For the design community, it’s a chance to reflect on our creative work during the prior year, and re-focus on our design goals for the next.

We asked our guest designers to share their 2012 resolutions. What are yours?

Michael S SmithMichael S Smith
My resolutions are both about color.  I want to use more reds.  Red is a color I haven’t used in a long time. Also, I want to try to use more green – bright greens with whites. 

Thomas PheasantThomas Pheasant
I hope to engage local universities with interior design programs in mentoring young furniture designers by creating an internship that actively engages students into our furniture design process.

Also — I continue to hand-draw my designs and turn my drawings over to my staff to create our CAD drawings.  I am determined to learn this software in 2012.

Barbara BarryBarbara Barry
Keep it (even more) simple:
As I head into the New Year I am resolved to keep everything in my life more simple. My desk, my conversations, my agenda, my designing. Why? Because there is clarity in simplicity and I think that is something we can all use when starting out again, fresh, at the New Year. 

Evolve my color palette:
I have always loved soft, faded colors. I believe this comes from living in Southern California where the light is clear and constant and illuminates subtlety. But as I do more painting I am coming to love the true, clear and saturated hues that Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Red can produce, and want to see how I can bring them into my philosophy of subtle design.

Frouwkje and Stephane PaganiStéphane and Frouwkje Pagani
We would like to discover a new medium for inspiration and become inspired. And while we are in Amsterdam this year, we hope to discover a new contemporary artist.

Laura KirarLaura Kirar
I’m determined to finish some personal design projects (started long before 2011!) and to work in collaboration with other artists, like creating the perfect set design for a friend’s one-woman show. And this year, more than ever, I’m committed to making more art for art’s sake.

Bill Sofield

Bill Sofield
Whether it’s a door handle or a building, I’m resolved to work at full scale this coming year.

Jacques GarciaJacques Garcia
I will continue to follow my only rule to avoid a faux pas: Only the best!

As for Baker, we resolve to continue to create the best American-made furniture, with the highest quality in design, materials, craftsmanship and finish. And we’re excited to reveal our new designs to come!

Tell us: What are your design resolutions for 2012?

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4 Responses to Our 2012 Design Resolutions

  1. Jacqueline says:

    This has been an enjoyable read, I hope to travel to Paris in the near future. Thank you for your insightful designs.

  2. I’m loving that color will really continue to bring it all together. it changes everything, absolutely! at my desk right now I’m looking a clear, clean light greens, that are looking good All Day Long, and that’s the point. if it goes muddy in the pm, it might not work out. Light will always have it’s way.

  3. Lisa Frantz says:

    Marks & Frantz
    We have decided that 2012 is the year for color. Certain colors evoke optimism, hope, happiness….we have just finished a project that embodies all these emotions and more. Our goal is to infuse more color in everything we do!

  4. Great resolutions ~ I especially relate to Barbara’s! We are hoping to expand our design viewpoint – hopefully this year we’ll have an opportunity to design an ultra-modern residence and create more custom furniture for clients.

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